Liberty version 1.3.1

  Gambit Studios
  Changes Log History [for you geeks] :P
  Liberty version 1.3.1
                 - PalmOS(r) 5!

                  Serious modification to blitting engine, save game state
                  and general memory configuration/tweaking to be 100% API
                  compliant for PalmOS(r) 5 devices.

                  >> NOTE: liberty contains absolutely ZERO arm code! <<

                  Our internal testing has shown that Liberty running on a 
                  Tungsten|T unit runs at approximately the speed of a 68k
                  device running at 40Mhz. [well done palm - PACE rocks]

                 - general updates

                  A set of updates, tweaking, compatibility fixes to make 
                  gameplay for various rom images work correctly.

                 - PalmOS key handling (no more jumping out of app!)

                 - radical emualution

                  New algorithm for emulation, to reduce number of gb CPU 
                  cycles emulated per frame. *MAY* cause gfx problems with 
                  some rom images or slow downs :(

. please provide feedback on this option when enabled!

  1.3 beta 2
                  - Joypad interrupt code really works this time!

                  - 2 Minor bug fixes missed last time.  F1 Boy 
                  and Star Trek: Generations now work!

                  - More (minor) sound tweaking.

  1.3 beta 1
                  - Minor bug fixes, optimizations of z-80 code

                  - Fixed JoyPad Interrupt Code  (should Fix 
                  Double Dragon 3, other games where the key 
                  presses were not registering)

                  - New "trick" in the emulation, which will speed
                  up a small number of games SIGNIFICANTLY! 
                  Donkey Kong Land 3 is now 40% faster, Joust 
                  speed has improved over 20%

                  - Sprites ignore Priority Bit (it fixes 
                  "disappearing sprite" bugs in some games, 
                  though sprites now always appear on top of 
                  the background.

                  - "Terrible" sound is no longer quite so 
                  "terrible"!  The frequencies have been tweaked
                  significantly, resulting in improved sound

                  - Clock support for cartridges with built-in 
                  Real-time-clock (such as Pokemon Gold)  Please
                  let us know if you have a game this does not
                  work in.  We ARE aware of an issue in Pokemon
                  where the time appears to flucuate while viewing
                  the PokeGear.  We are looking into the problem.

  28-Dec-00       - argh fix

                  one clean up broke support for some devices - now fixed.

  28-Dec-00       - InnoPak/2V Module support

                  A  number of users requested rumble pack support for the 
                  InnoPak/2V springboard module - so here it is :)

                  - xmas cleaning

                  A few small memory leaks and possible "future"  problems
                  were  isolated and cleaned up such that Liberty now runs 
                  without dying harshly on Palm DEBUG rom images (POSE).
  01-Dec-00       - Memory Access Module support

                  Rumble pack support!!!!

                  The Memory Access Module provides three functionalities,
                  however, we were interested in tapping into only one! :)
                  The vibrating  mechanism allows Liberty to emulate games
                  that have Rumble  Pack support!!  Feel the vibrations as 
                  your pinball  ball hits the rammers  when playing a game 
                  like Pokemon Pinball!!

                  - Handspring Flash Module updates

                  Revisited the application load/game restore code and put
                  in additional checks to correctly launch a saved game or
                  previously active game for a GameBoy rom image stored in
                  a Springboard module memory area.

  29-Nov-00       - GamePad(tm) controller support

                  The  ultimate accessory for a GameBoy emulator!  Get the
                  real  feeling of a  GameBoy  device by using this device
                  produced by World Wide Widget Works.


                                 [ up ]                     [ A ]
                           [ left ]  [ right ]       [ B ]
                                [ down ]

                                     [ select ] [ start ]


  18-Nov-00       - GameBoy screen emulation fixes

                  Fixed some graphic and interrupt  glitches that affected 
                  the display and playability of some games.

                  - saved game fix

                  Added some sanity  type checks in  the state compression
                  code to catch *very* rare situations  where a soft-reset
                  can occur (ie: checking bounds etc - slower, but, safer)

                  - rom beaming fix

                  Modification of the beaming code to prevent the "unknown 
                  file format"  error message from being presented  when a 
                  rom image with a "." character in the name was beamed.

  15-Nov-00       - z80 emulation fixes
                  - GameBoy screen emulation rewrite

                  The largest bottleneck in Liberty was the manner that we
                  handled the transition of  the GameBoy graphics from the
                  emulation onto the Palm's display.  A complete  re-write 
                  has been done, and a 30-70% speed increase has occured!

                  - memory management changes

                  Cleaned up a bit of the memory management services (such
                  as saved games,  memory initialization) to be "cleaner",
                  in addition to allowing some games to run! (yay).  It is 
                  stuff you dont see, so - you wont even notice it :)

                  - sound!

                  You asked for it, and now - you have it! Bleep-Blop etc,
                  the presence of sound may wish you never wanted it :) it
                  works  great on some games,  and can be totally annoying 
                  on others - but, its there. configure to your liking :))

                  By default, we have disabled the sound - so turn it on!

                  - configuration adjustments

                  Its been on the wish-list since day one, and its finally
                  here! *yay*.  Configure your  controls / colors / tweaks 
                  on a  game by game basis! No more tweaking each time you
                  start your favourite games!

  17-Oct-00       - z80 emulation fixes
                  - ROM loading fixes
                  General purpose bug-fixes/enhancements here, a number of
                  games that didn't work in earlier versions now do. visor
                  users may now install roms into the flash module and get
                  access to playing (no more NULL dbID passed error).

                  - controller additions

                  Modifications have  been made such that the user can use 
                  the grafitti area for pressing buttons. This feature can
                  be useful  in some  games (walking) however it has a few

                           [ U+L ][  U  ][ U+R ] [ BUTTON A ]
                           [  L  ][     ][  R  ] ------------
                           [ D+L ][  D  ][ D+R ] [ BUTTON B ]

                           +-------------------+ +----------+
                                 alphabetic         numeric

                  It is not possible  to press a direction AND a button at 
                  the same time (limitation of Palm, only ONE pen) :P

                  - 32K rom limit removed (in demo)

                  The 32K rom limit has now been lifted. Included is a new
                  file called "Gmbt_TRIAL.pdb",  which when installed will
                  allow you to test gameboy games greater than 32K. 

                  This  trial feature is available ONLY for 30 executions. 
                  After the application has been started 30 times, it will
                  become "unregistered", and will be limited to 32K roms.

                  - color changes!

                  Running Liberty on color devices now lets you get a nice
                  feeling of what you can do  with color (did you all miss
                  the color tweaking configuration screen?)

                  Liberty runs in lovely default colors (if available):
                   . musky yellow and 
                   . musky blue 

                  See "pikachu" in his correct colors in Pokemon! :P

                  - improved rom2pdb :P

                  Generating datafiles on various operating systems caused
                  a few problems when just "adding" the name of the rom to
                  the output file generation. 

  22-Aug-00       - z80 core update
                  - Press All Keys support

                  The z80 core went through a serious optimization bashing
                  tweaking every last nano-second out of the emulator.  At
                  the same time, heaps of modifications to support various
                  GameBoy games, such as echo-ram etc.

                  - smaller roms!!!

                  We heard ya, and since we squeezed enough speed from the
                  z80  emulation core - a few nano-seconds could be spared 
                  without you even noticing a difference from 1.0e :))

                  If you install an OLDER rom format, it will let you know
                  when you try and run it -> YOU MUST RECONVERT THE ROM!!!

                  - rom BEAMING support

                  Share... Share... Share...

                  Please be  aware that some overclocking tools dont allow
                  beaming of "databases" when the system is overlocked. If
                  you are having problems  with beaming,  disable them and 
                  try again.           

                  - GameState Save [individual games]

                  Now you can cheat :)  Save the state of the current game
                  that is running, exit out of the game,  and then through
                  our little save-state manager you can delete or continue
                  the game where you left off! We know space is an issue,
                  so we compressed them too.

  12-Jul-00       - z80 core update
                  - serial interrupt implementation
                  - countdown timer fixes

                  A small number of  modifications to the emulation engine 
                  that provides support / fixes  for various GameBoy games 
                  being emulated.

                  - GameState Save Fix [for exit-return ONLY]

                  We forgot to keep track of the current bank index :))

  09-Jul-00       - ROM Emulation Warning Dialog

                  Emulators are fragile things :)  We recommend that users
                  test the GameBoy emulation on the PalmOS Emualtor (POSE)
                  prior to installing them into their device.  Not all ROM
                  images are emulated perfectly, and may cause your device
                  to crash unexpectedly.

                  - GameState Save [for exit-return ONLY]

                  If the user is emulating a GameBoy game and wants to get
                  out temporarially, tapping on the [apps] button and then
                  restarting  Liberty would return them to where they were
                  when they left.

  07-Jul-00       - New Memory Management Architecture
                  The use of undocumented PalmOS  API calls were taken out
                  of the application,  which was causing  pernament memory
                  corruption to the device - *ouch*.
                  GREETZ TO:         Gacel, pthree, irq, raja and setuid!
  1.0, 1.0a, 1.0b
  06-Jul-00       - Offical Release of Liberty
                  Memory Management  architecture of these versions proved
                  fatal to many Palm Computing Platform users based on the
                  manner  in which the emulator was  executing.  Untrusted 
                  pointers were generated by the emulation engine and data
                  access (which was  unprotected)  lead to the overwriting 
                  of data/applications  within the device.  DO NOT install 
                  these versions or installed to your device - the problem
                  occured with  specific gameboy rom  images that were not
                  tested (there are over 1000 rom image) within the lab.

  // Aaron Ardiri
  // Michael Ethetton
  - the Liberty development team