IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Due to the unprecedented events of this past week, and multiple requests from contestants, the deadline for the GameBoy Developer's Competition has been extended for another week.  The actual deadline for entries is now September 25th, with judging to be complete by September 28th.  Take advantage of the extra time and get programming!  Good luck!

Richmond, Missouri,  July 7, 2001 - Gambit Studios, LLC, developers of the first GameBoy™ emulator for the Palm OS is pleased to announce our GameBoy developers competition, entitled "Freedom 2001".



Grand Prize
 Choice of: Handspring Prism(tm) PDA,
Palm M505 PDA, or $300 US

1st place:
 Palm IIIc Color PDA or $150 cash

2nd place:
- Palm m100 PDA or $75 cash

3rd place:
Cybiko Wireless Entertainment System or $50 cash.


Official Rules:

  • Competition is open to all developers. Employees of Gambit Studios, LLC are not eligible.
  • Games must be original titles, not released previously, and not submitted to any other competition. "Clones" of copyrighted games cannot be accepted.
  • All submitted games remain the property of their authors, though Gambit Studios will make the games available for download from our web site unless specifically prohibited.
  • No source code is required. If the author wishes to make the source code public, he may include it.  (All entries should include instructions)
  • Games which are able to run on a Classic GameBoy will be given extra consideration in judging, although this is not a requirement.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: All submitted games must omit the so-called 'Nintendo graphic' at locations 0104-0133 (due to copyright/trademark concerns)
  • The contest will run until September 14th, 2001. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM Central Daylight Time.
  • Judging of entries will take place September 14-17th, and final winners will be announced on September 17th.
  • Submitted entries must include the developers name(s), address, e-mail address, and telephone number. This information will not be released to any other individual or organization.
  • Send all submissions to: GBDEV2001@ GAMBITSTUDIOS,COM
  • Prizes may be substituted for products of equal value depending on availability




About Gambit Studios

Gambit Studios, LLC is a game design, development and publishing company focused on the growing handheld market. Gambit Studios software has been featured on CNN, ZDNet, IDG Net, Daily Radar and slashdot.org among other places.



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