Richmond, Missouri,  October 1, 2001 - Gambit Studios, LLC, (developers of the first GameBoy™ emulator for the Palm OS) has completed judging of all entries in our first developers competition.


Thanks for the great entries!  Here are the results:



Grand PrizeBertil Hörberg
Bertil won with his entry titled "Horrible Demon 4" and will win his choice of a Handspring Prism PDA or $300 US.

1st place: Patriek Lesparre
 Patriek's entry "Alien Planet" gives him his selection of $150 cash.

2nd place: Alan Obee
The game "Proxima" wins Alan his choice of a GameBoy Advance or $75 cash.

3rd place: Stoic Software
For the entry titled "The Princess and the Pauper", the team at Stoic will receive a Cybiko Wireless Entertainment System.

Honorable mentions: Arcade Gobuzov, Jordan Tuzsuzov, Arvid Berntsson, Rafael Vuijk, Danny H. Newport, Matt Stainton, Peter Moraliyski and Joshua Wise.

All entrants are entitled to a copy of our GameBoy emulator Liberty.

Gambit Studios would like to thank all the developers who entered our contest.  We appreciate the work of hobbyists and are glad to be able to contribute back to the scene in a small way.

You may view and download all the entries in the competition on our web site at: http://www.gambitstudios.com/freedom2001_entries.asp


The Gambit Studios Team


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