Liberty Game Boy Emulator

Liberty™ is an emulator which plays games originally designed for the Game Boy™ architecture.  Finally, you can carry all of your favorites in the palm of your hand!

Games which play on the Nintendo Game Boy are not included, and must be obtained separately.  We have some freeware GameBoy-compatible games here.

Key Features

Can run hundreds of Game Boy-compatible games on Palm OS devices.  (Games not included)
Many FREE games available for download.
User-selectable palette on Palms with color screens.
All options are customizable by game.
Games states may be saved for later play.
All Liberty™ emulator customers receive free upgrades as new versions become available.
"Rumble Pak" emulation for Palm devices with vibration (such as Handspring units with a Memory Access Module )
GamePad™ Controller Support!


Partial "awful" sound support due to the limited speed of the Palm processor.
To get good speed with many games, you will need to use an over-clocking utility.  Gambit Studios recommends and sells Afterburner 3.
Some games may not work correctly.  If you find one, please let us know via the Forums.  You can check compatibility here.


Playing Chip the Chick screenshot from "Horrible Demon II"


"It certainly has the ability to turn the Palm game development community on it's head."  

-   (full review here)


"The developers... deserve a big round of applause for all their hard work"  (Rating: 5 out of 5 stars)

- Palm InfoCenter   (full review here)


"Gambit Studios has indeed pulled off the impossible..."

(Rating: 5 out of 5 stars)

- PDA Games   (full review here)


"Overall, Liberty is a phenomenal product."

- STREETtech  (full review here)



IMPORTANT NOTE: Liberty is no longer available for purchase. If you would like a license key FREE, please email your registration code from Liberty's 'Register' screen to: orders@gambitstudios

Game Boy-compatible games are not included. You must own the original cartridge to legally play any commercial games on Liberty.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you purchase Liberty, we will e-mail you a key which unlocks the registered version.  Please try Liberty for yourself before purchasing, as we are unable to accept refunds after we have sent the key.


System Requirements

Palm OS Version 3.0 or later
160K RAM minimum for emulator and one game
  (May require up to 1MB for some games)
Requires PC/Mac/Linux/Amiga to run game conversion software.


Take a "test drive" of Liberty!  We know you'll love it. Just go to our Download Page.
Be sure to try out the free games available on our free games page.  

Game Boy Software

Gambit Studios is interested in working with third party game companies to market their existing Game Boy-compatible games with Liberty.  Contact us for more information.


--  The "Liberty Team"  --

Mike Ethetton   -   Aaron Ardiri


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