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Here are some of our favorite freeware Game Boy-compatible games pre-converted to the Liberty Game Boy emulator format.  Try the shareware version of Liberty for yourself!

For more games, check out the entries in our
2001 GB Developers Competition!

To download all the below games in the ".gb" format, click here)

Ant Soldiers  (128k)

A nice "Lemmings" clone.  Rescue the ants with your arsenal of weapons/items.  Action/Strategy game.
(A bit slow playing)

Breakout  (64k)

Nice breakout with multi-ball, power-ups, and bombs. With 8 levels to play and the sound effects are even nice in Liberty!
Chip The Chick  (128k)

Enjoyable arcade action.  Rescue your chicks from the big bad wolf by dropping eggs strategically on the see-saws.  One of Maven's favorites!
Dan Laser  (32k)

Nice little "shoot'em up" with the power-ups you crave.
Deep Scan (32k)

Another arcade classic.  Drop the torpedos from your destroyer to sink the subs.
Hungry Are The Dead (128k)

"For the past three months, the dead have not died."  ...and thus begins your adventure.  Turn-based game where you try to destroy the Zombies, and save your team.  

Note: The developer is looking for a publisher for this title! Interested? Contact them:

Horrible Demon II  (128k)
One of our very favorites!  RPG adventure game.  Rescue your sister (and the world) from the Horrible Demon, and become king in the process!
Falldown  (32k)

Interesting diversion.  Simple, yet challenging game requires you to maneuver the ball as it falls through the levels. Fast! 
Jetpak DX  (128k)

Nice arcade action.  Build a spaceship while dodging & shooting asteroids. 
JetSet Willy  (64k)

Fun (and frustrating) platform game.  Collect the items in the house, avoiding the ghosts, saws, feet(!) and more. 
Maze  (32k)

A fun diversion.  See how quick you can solve the maze!
Mines  (32k)

A "Minesweeper" clone.  Plays almost like the Windows standard.  (If only the GameBoy supported a touchscreen :-)
Mousetrap  (32k)

Another arcade classic.  This one is a straight port from the Colecovision.  Eat the cheese, but avoid the cats!  Controls are a bit tricky.
Pak Man  (32k)

Looks like the old Atari 2600 version.  A nice change of pace.  
*Now includes 2 versions!*
PuzzleX  (32k)

Great puzzle game!
Hours of fun.
Sokoban  (32k)

Plays like the original.  Push the boxes around to get them where they belong.  Don't "box yourself in!
Sqrxz!  (32k)

An unusual and fun arcade game. The goal is to help Sqrxz to find his way home. There are, of course, obstacles in the way...
Starfisher  (32k)

An interesting arcade style game.  Pick up the fish with your starfish, while avoiding the oysters.
They Came From Outer Space  (64k)

"Space Invaders" for the GameBoy.  What more could we say?

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Have you checked out the games from our GB Developers Competition yet?

-Our thanks to the authors of all these fine games-

Many other freeware Game Boy games and demos (over 200!) may be downloaded from my favorite site: PDROMS  

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