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IMPORTANT: GameBoy-compatible games are not included, and must be obtained separately.

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Download Liberty 

Version 1.3.1:
PC: Download ZIP (240kB)
MAC: Download SIT Liberty.sit (266kB)

Linux: Liberty.tar.gz (132kB)

Other Languages:
(NOTE: This is the program file only. Download the full version above)
FRENCH: Liberty_fr.prc (Translated by: Tan Nguyen)
GERMAN: Liberty_de.prc (Translated by: G-Data)
ITALIAN: Liberty_it.prc (Translated by: Glacialeye)
SPANISH: Liberty_es.prc (Translated by:CyberMODE)

Our thanks to the translators for their work.  If you find any deficiencies in the translation, it's our fault, not theirs :)

Supported Devices
Liberty runs on all Palm OS version 3.1 through 4.x devices.  Liberty also works with many Palm OS 5.0 devices, but we recommend you always try it on your device before purchasing.


Note: In order to play games larger than 32k, you must install the trial key included with Liberty called Gmbt_TRIAL.PDB  This key is good for 30 plays.

(Read the Complete Changes.txt file)


Other Downloads

Game Boy File Converters

Liberty File Conversion Utility 1.0
Windows Version  (33kB)
Linux Version*  (732kB)
Provides a graphical user interface to make conversion & HotSync a snap!
(Windows version now included with

* The Linux Port (using WINE) has been created by Nicholas Lentz.  This is an "alpha" version - please read the included instructions.  

for Amiga users:
Amiga OS ROM converter: rom2pdb.dat


Need a little more speed for your favorite game?  Try one of these utilities, and enjoy the much faster speed (and shorter battery life too)

For Intel XScale-based PalmOS 5 devices:
PXA Clocker

For OS 4 and earlier devices:
Afterburner 3.2
ClockUp DA

Note: The Following programs, included with Liberty, were not created by Gambit Studios, and we do not have the ability to support them.  They are provided here *as-is* for your benefit.  Many thanks to the programmers who gave the effort!

Linux Converters
(Thanks to Elroy)

Macintosh Converter
Martin Demers

Installbuddy Converter
Ka-Lok Fung

Amiga Converter
Rene Laederach

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