Richmond, Missouri,  October 31, 2000 - Gambit Studios, LLC and Ardiri.com, developers of the first GameBoy™ emulator for the Palm OS is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with G Data Software GmbH, a leading publisher of software in Germany to produce a German language retail version of Liberty.


This new version will be called Powerboy, and will be available in retail stores soon in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


"Almost half of our sales come from outside the U.S.A.," said Michael Ethetton, president of Gambit Studios. "We are eager to expand our overseas markets, and producing native-language versions of our products is an important step in that direction. We look forward to a long relationship with G Data."


Powerboy (or Liberty) users can run hundreds of Nintendo GameBoy™ games on their Palm OS - compatible handheld computing device. The product includes the necessary utilities to convert any GameBoy game for Powerboy.


About Gambit Studios

Gambit Studios, LLC is a game design, development and publishing company focused on the growing handheld market. Gambit Studios software has been featured on CNN, ZDNet, IDG Net, Daily Radar and slashdot.org among other places.


About G Data Software

Creative solutions and new concepts have made G Data Software a prominent software company in German speaking countries.


About Ardiri.com

Ardiri.com has produced some of the most popular games and applications available for the Palm OS, including the Game & Watch series and Loderunner.