About Gambit Studios

Gambit Studios is a game design, development and publishing company focused on the growing handheld market. Gambit Studios software has been featured on CNN, ZDNet, IDG Net, Daily Radar and along with dozens of Handheld-specific news sites.  We've been reviewed in Handheld Computing and Pocket Computing magazines.

Our mission is to produce and market high quality games for portable computing platforms, pushing the envelope of graphics, game play and design.

We are committed to top-notch customer service.  We believe it is essential to treat every customer with attention and respect.  By listening closely to our customers, we will constantly strive towards that goal.  We're here to have FUN, and enjoy what we do!

About Mike Ethetton
The president and main developer for Gambit Studios, Mike Ethetton has been a programmer and independent consultant for almost ten years.  Mike wrote his first software program for the Palm OS in 1999, and has loved doing it ever since!

In 2003, Mike was honored to be given the title of "Palm OS Expert Guide" for emulation by PalmSource.  His goal continues to be helping people enjoy their handheld devices.

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